Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So you're telling me it's not the weekend yet? Crap.

After nearly two weeks of sleeping in, this getting-up-before-6:30-a.m. stuff is quite tiring. And poor Maddie – I hate having to wake her up for daycare at 7, when she'd sleep until at least 7:30 if I let her.

Tonight Matt is learning how to iron. Well, I taught him one other time, but he didn't quite catch on. So tonight is the night. If he thinks he needs to run off to Vegas a few times a year, then he needs to learn how to iron his own shirts. Apparently when he went last summer, he didn't iron before going out. I can imagine what a wrinkly mess he must have been for that entire trip. Oh well – at least I didn't have to be seen with him!

The purpose of this trip, you may wonder? The old fart turns 30 on Friday – yep, he's getting old – and he would rather party in Vegas than spend time with his beautiful, pregnant wife and gorgeous daughter. His cousin Steve gets comped rooms at some fine Las Vegas hotels, so their stay is free. Hopefully he comes home with some winnings – enough to finish a bedroom in the basement would be ideal.

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