Monday, January 18, 2010


Did you know that the alternative word for "damn it" is spelled "dammit" – not "damnit"? It's a common mistake I see, so I thought I'd enlighten some of you in case you were unaware. That's just my word lesson for the day.

Anyway, on with my post. Dammit about sums it up.

Last Wednesday, as we were sitting on the couch, Maddie turned, looked at me, and puked all over both of us. It was wonderful (sense my sarcasm?), and it continued throughout the evening. I think I counted seven times in two hours, and by then the poor thing had nothing left in her and was just dry heaving. She and Matt camped out on the living room floor, because neither of us wanted to leave her alone in the crib, and there's no way I was sleeping on the couch or floor at 29 weeks pregnant.

During the night, Matt woke up to her hitting him on the head with a book, which was in the corner of the living room, near where she slept. This is his recollection of the encounter:

Matt: Maddie, what are you doing?
Maddie: Doesn't say anything.
Matt: Don't you know it's night-night time?
Maddie: Night-night?
Matt: Yes, night-night.
Maddie: Lies back down and goes to sleep.

Just like that. She's too funny, even when sick.

Luckily she recovered, and though she was whiny all weekend – that reminds me, I need to check for eyeteeth, since those seem to be rather elusive – she is pretty much feeling better.

Saturday afternoon we went and bought her a big girl (full) mattress and box spring. Sunday we had the family (my parents and siblings) over for a Christmas-type gathering.

Then Matt woke up around 12:30 a.m. today, sick. That's all I'll say, because I promise you don't want any more details. I was really hoping we were going to avoid whatever is "going around," but of course that couldn't happen. Right now I'm just praying I don't get it, too. It's the last thing I need right now.

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