Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waiting game

I'm definitely to the point in my pregnancy where I'm ready to have this baby.

Today I was 38w1d, and it marks the longest I've ever been pregnant; Maddie was born at 38 weeks exactly. I've decided I'm not exactly a fan of this waiting game!

I really have had a textbook pregnancy, so I don't have much to complain about. I have felt so much better physically this time around (in terms of back pain and other aches and pains), and I'm grateful for that. But now that I'm nearing the end, the uncomfortableness is setting in. My mid-back is starting to hurt, and I can't seem to get comfortable on the couch. I feel huge, and it's becoming harder to get off the couch, pick up Maddie, roll over in bed, etc. I've been having contractions -- some rather intense and definitely not just Braxton Hicks -- for over a week now, but they're never regular and I haven't deemed them worthy of being timed.

Yesterday I had a prenatal massage, courtesy of my wonderful mom. (Thanks, Mom!) It was actually her idea, and since she had a scheduled day off and was already in the Dells for a conference, she came and watched Maddie for me. (Friday morning before the massage, we hit up the Johnson Creek outlet mall, and Maddie is now set for summer. I used my Gap 30 percent off coupon, and I saved $42 at Old Navy!)

Anyway, the massage therapist focused on some pressure points that are supposed to help start contractions, and she showed me where they are so Matt and I can press on them at home. She also gave me some essential oils that are supposed to be good for bringing on labor. I'm not actively trying to induce labor yet, because I know I still have time, but I want to be prepared if it comes to naturally trying to do just that. Overall, my massage was wonderful and I left feeling really refreshed, even though the cold front came through while I was there and it started snowing a few hours later.

This is my 38-week belly shot, taken last night. I always forget until right before bed, and I'm always looking so fabulous by then.

Today I finally got most of my hospital bag packed; it's amazing how much sooner I did that last time around! I guess I was nesting, because I cleaned out the coat closet, the laundry room (including cabinets), part of my closet, and I did a ton of laundry.

On the Maddie front:

She's going down for naps and bedtime easier -- thankfully. I actually caved and bought a video monitor this week, because I was tired of sitting on the floor outside her bedroom door and making sure she didn't get out of bed at nap time. It only took a few days until she realized we were watching, and now she hasn't been getting out of bed. It's rather amusing seeing all the funny things she does before she falls asleep, though! I can't believe I didn't get one of these sooner!

We didn't do anything for St. Patrick's Day, but I did turn Maddie's bath water green with these Elmo bath fizzy things. Yellow and blue makes green, you know! ;)

Here's to hoping that my next post is a birth announcement!

Oh, and if you haven't made your guess, you can join our baby pool here. It's free, and there's no prize for winning. All you get are bragging rights!

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