Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quite the day

My friend Andrea texted me this afternoon to say today was one of those days she wished she were a working mom (she stays home with her two beautiful daughters, who are almost 4 and almost 2). I wrote back that I hadn't had one of those days yet since I quit my job Feb. 25, but I told her to give me some time! Then I said I had just put Maddie down for a nap and I was eating a doughnut. I then snuggled in on the couch to catch up on the DVR.

That was shortly after 1 p.m., and by 2:30, it was turning into one of those days. Turns out Maddie wasn't napping in there, and she never did. I went in twice to try and get her to sleep (to no avail), and she played quietly for a while. I decided it was time to give in and let her out when she started pounding on the door and yelling, "KNOCK KNOCK" at the same time.

She saw the doughnuts sitting on the counter and wanted one, so (because she was being such a good girl -- ha!) I let her have half of one. At one point I looked over at her, and she was staring into space, obviously tired. The doughnut rolled out of her hand and onto the floor, and she snapped back into reality. I couldn't help but laugh.

A little while later I thought it would be a good idea to get out the markers and let her draw. Why? Um, I'm not sure. Pregnancy brain? Maybe. I left her halfway unsupervised, and when I came back to her a minute or two later, she was covered in green marker.

Now thankfully this is washable marker (do you really think I'd be stupid enough to leave my 23-month-old unsupervised for even a minute with regular markers?), but I decided a bath was the way to go. So on the way -- naturally -- Maddie touched all the white trim and doors she could get her green little hands on.

After bath was when it all went downhill. She didn't want to get dressed, she wanted to suck on a dirty sippy cup from the dishwasher, she didn't want Daddy -- he came home shortly after the bath was done -- to change her diaper and worked herself into hysterics. She was crying so hard, I really thought she was going to make herself puke.

When we got her settled down, she wanted cereal. So we gave her a bowl of Rice Krispies, and she sat at her little table, where she's been eating all her meals lately. It's almost 5:30 by now, and remember -- we're running on no nap. Shortly after refilling her bowl, we heard "uh-oh," and the bowl was on the ground under her table; her lap was soaked in milk and Krispies. But she wanted more cereal, so I had her sit in the high chair this time. That's when this happened:

OK, it is taking Blogger FOREVER (over two hours at this point) to upload this video, so here is a YouTube link to what happened (unfortunately, I don't think I can embed it).

So I carried her to bed, where she's been since (though in the time it has taken for me to upload these videos here, she's awoken twice). We'll see how this goes. She's either taking a really late nap and then will be up until midnight or later, or we'll be lucky enough that she'll sleep all night (but possibly wake REALLY early). All I know is Matt and I were excited to be able to enjoy dinner by ourselves tonight, even if we did eat it while sitting on the couch! And he told me "I've got her" if she wakes up tonight, so I'm holding him to his word!

So even though our afternoon was a bit stressful, I'm still glad I'm a SAHM! ;-)


  1. Welcome to this special world!
    The days are long, but the weeks go fast!
    She's so damn cute!

  2. I love the laughing in the background as Maddie nods off!