Monday, April 5, 2010

False labor

I NEVER thought I'd be pregnant for this long. But I am. And it's really not so cool at this point. I hurt, I'm tired, and I don't have patience to deal with much.

Thankfully Maddie isn't being quite so sassy lately, and my mom was on spring break last week. She came down for a "few days" and ended up staying from last Monday night through Sunday afternoon. The "plan" was that I'd have the baby during her week off so she wouldn't have to worry about taking off of work (not that it's a big deal) to watch Maddie while we're in the hospital. But of course that didn't work out. I really thought she'd get home last night and THEN I'd go into labor, so she'd have to turn right back around, but the prodromal labor I had again last night didn't turn into real labor.

Yes, false labor. I've been having it for several nights in a row now (and had been having Braxton Hicks contractions every night for about two weeks before that). The contractions are rather strong, but they peter out when I go to bed. I've thought about just staying awake, but I know that's not realistic; when they're real, they'll stick around no matter what I'm doing.

This belly shot was taken last Friday, at 40 weeks:

Because of the mood you can imagine I'm in most of the time, our Easter was just "eh." I'll spare you the details. Maddie sure looked cute, though, in the dress we bought her in Mexico.

This time I'm really praying that the next update from me will include a baby announcement.

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