Friday, July 30, 2010

Maddie's mystery illness

So here we are again. I realize it's been a whole month since my last update. Yes, I suck.

This summer is flying by. FLYING. I was worried that my days home with two kids would drag by, but they fly, too. We keep relatively busy, but I'm only now finding that we're getting into a bit of a routine, which is nice. Hopefully that will continue to develop as Macy gets older and naps/sleep/wake up times become more regular.

The main reason for today's update is to talk about Maddie's mystery illness. She woke up this morning with a 103-degree temperature, no other symptoms of sickness. This is the THIRD time in four weeks that a mystery fever of at least 103 has shown up. So I called the doctor, and they wanted to see her.

Her ears were perfect. She has no rashes, runny nose, cough, etc. She seems fine, except for the fever. They tested for strep throat. Negative. They did a urine sample (thank goodness she's potty trained, or they would have had to place a catheter), and we're awaiting the results of a UTI test. I won't go into too much detail and jump the gun, but if it's none of those things and the mystery fevers keep popping up, our doctor (who squeezed us in to see us, even though she didn't have any appointments available today!) said then they'll start looking for "weird stuff." I took that to mean more serious or unusual illness. So let's hope we don't have to worry about that.

In happier news, Macy is doing great. On Monday we moved her to her own room, her own crib. That night she woke up three times, but for the past three nights she's only been up once a night!! I guess she just wanted her own space. She's a rolling machine and has been for about a week or two now. She grabs at/holds and inspects toys with such a curious look on her face, and she sucks on her thumb and hands nonstop. She is SO smiley, and I enjoy my one-on-one time with her when Maddie is napping (as I do with Maddie when Macy is napping).

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